Welcome to Verla Kay's Website for children's writers and illustrators


On this site you will find information about Verla, her books and her personal life, as well as many resources helpful to writers, illustrators and educators.

Verla Kay is well-known for her desire to help other writers (and illustrators, too) in their journey to publication, as well as her wish to make history (and learning) fun for young children. You will find many pages full of helpful information for writers, illustrators and educators, as well as some fun activities and links for kids. These pages can be found in the "On This Site" area of the website.

For people who remember Verla Kay's message board for children's writers and illustrators (the Blueboard), it's not gone, but it has moved and now Verla runs it on the site of SCBWI (the Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators). The basic message board is still free for everyone to use, but it now has additional content and extra features visible only to SCBWI members.

It is Verla's hope that you will poke around and enjoy what you find. There are literally hundreds of pages on this site! It is much, much larger than it appears!