Verla made her grandson's wedding cake. She even made the palm trees on the top of the cake out of homemade pretzel tree trunks and gum paste palm leaves, with chocolate rocks for coconuts. She hot-glued them together and inserted dowels in the bottoms of the trunks to hold it on the cake. The cake topper (figurines and palm trees) and the upside down champagne glasses holding up the top tier are the only things on the cake not edible except for the frosted paper monogram on the bottom front of the cake. The sea shells are made of fondant (she purchased them online, pre-made) and she sprinkled them with edible glitter before they were put onto the cake.

This is how the cake was created.

The bottom layer was mixed and ready to put into the oven.

Oops! Slight error in planning. The oven door won't close with the pan in the oven!

Bottom layer, Plan B.
Bake three smaller cakes and cut one in half to make the bottom layer the correct size.
(This photo shows only half of the bottom layer. Another cut piece will be placed on it, along
with another full cake to make it a full double layer just like the center tier shows in this photo.
There will be chocolate fudge frosting in between the layers. Yum!

An adorable wedding couple is lying on a sandy base for the topper of the cake, but
Verla thought they needed something extra to make the cake really special. She couldn't
find palm trees the right size, so she decided to make her own. Homemade gum paste
leaves were the start of it…. A brown sugar sand layer was also made.

Homemade pretzels made great tree trunks. The leaves were hot glued onto the trunks,
and chocolate rocks were hot glued to finish the palm trees. (Yes, the chocolate did melt,
but they just looked more realistic that way.) Dowels were inserted to hold the tree in place.

Pure white fondant seashells were purchased online, along with edible glitter, which
was dusted over the seashells to make them look realistic. They were perfect for a
seashore themed cake!

All of the cake layers were baked, filled, and frosted, then placed in the freezer until
they were rock solid. Since the cake needed to be transported an hour away from
where they were baked, this was a very necessary step to make sure they got to the
reception hall in one piece, with the layers still intact. Blue tinted clear gel made a lovely
water base for the very top layer, to put the palm trees and marriage couple lying in the sand.

The layers traveled to the reception hall intact. Yay! The couple was placed on the very top,
and crystal goblets were turned upside down on top of the brown sugar sand. With some of
those glittery seashells and chocolate rocks under them the goblets made lovely spacers
between the top two layers.

And then the serious decorating of the cake began...

And it went on...

And on…. The seashells were added next. Notice the seashells and chocolate rocks
on the top of the brown sugar sand under the crystal goblets.

Frosting stars were added to the sides to complete the cake.

And finally, the palm tree topper was placed on the top of the cake.
It turned out perfect!

Here's the happy couple cutting the cake at their reception. Verla was VERY proud of this cake!

Oh! My daughter also got a photo of the cake from the front. Here it is...

Another wedding cake Verla made for a grandchild was for (her granddaughter) Mikayla and John's wedding reception. She started by making a lot of flowers for the cake out of buttercream frosting made with real butter. Mikayla wanted dark blue and purple, so that was what she got. The flowers were made on wax paper squares, then put in the freezer to harden so they could be handled and placed on the cake during the decorating process. NOTE: The flower colors darkened after a couple of days .

photo 5

Then Verla baked homemade carrot cakes and frosted the cakes with cream cheese frosting. (Yum!) Again, the layers went into the freezer to preserve them and to make them easier to handle.

photo 4

Buttercream frosting (again, made with real butter, not shortening) was piped around the base and top of each cake layer.

photo 3

The morning of the reception, the cake was finally put together and decorated. It was rather a messy process!

photo 2

The buttercream flowers looked wonderful on the cake, as did the extra stars piped all over it.

photo 1

The finished cake was lovely!

photo 2

Even the back of the cake was full of flowers.

photo 3

Mikayla and John with their finished wedding cake.

photo 2

Cutting the cake started out nicely.

photo 3

But it soon turned into a wild "show" for everyone there. We all laughed a LOT.

photo 5

photo 4

Mikayla with her Mother (Portia), younger sister (Rayana), and her Uncle Eric.

photo 4

It was wonderful to have so many of the family there!
Terry, Valerie, Charlie, Portia, Jaidyn (Mikaya and John's baby) Rayana, Mikayla, Eric, Verla

photo 5

It was a very special day!

photo 1