Verla's first-born - Eric, who lives in Colorado and is a computer whiz.

Her lovely daughter, Portia, the only one of her children to make her a grandmother -- and now a great grandmother. Portia looks pretty good for a grandma of four children - two energetic boys and two adorable little girls.

Verla's middle son, Donn is an awesome singer! He has sung in many operas, including one year in the small chorus of the San Francisco Opera.

Here he is when he was playing Njegus in “The Merry Widow” with Townsend Opera in Modesto, California.

See Donn's winning performance in December, 2011, on the Sapphire Princess cruise ship in the Princess Pop Star contest. In this video he was performing in the finals of the competition on the big stage of the cruise ship in front of about 800 people.

Hear Donn sing opera. WARNING! Turn off/mute the ad in the bottom right corner of this page (if it’s a talking ad that happens to pop up) before you start the song or you might have an ad talking all the way through Donn’s performance.

This is a photo of Verla's youngest child, Bruce, years ago when he was a teenager. At the time he had long hair and taught himself to be quite an efficient hacker on the internet. Verla almost had her internet service cut off because of his hacking activities!

And here is that same handsome young man today.

Irony of ironies, Bruce is now a well-paid software engineer and he works for a company that creates pirate-preventing software. He’s very qualified! :-)
Verla's Family