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This is the place to find transcripts of past workshops and pro-talk discussions. The most recent addition will be found marked as "new." Feel free to copy these for your own use, but please do not distribute them in any way, via the web or in printed form. They are the property of Verla Kay. If you want someone else to share them, please send them the URL so they can come and read them here.
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ProTalk Discussions
This set of 34 discussions are basically unmoderated, and for the most part they have been unedited. The discussions may be a little hard to follow, as the comments are posted in the exact order they showed up on the chat screen. They are posted here for the benefit of those who found themselves unable to participate in the discussions. ProTalk Discussions are held in the #Kidlit chat room on the first and third Tuesdays of every month at 6pm Pacific/7pm Mountain/8pm Central/9pm Eastern.

ProTalk01: Making Time to Write - 8/3/04 ProTalk02: Writing for Money - 8/17/04 ProTalk03: Illustrating for Profit- 9/7/04 ProTalk 04: Writing Courses- 9/21/04 ProTalk05: Plotting Perfect Stories-10/5/04 ProTalk06: Bringing Characters to Life-10/19/04 ProTalk07: Building Believable Scenes-11/2/04 ProTalk08: Pacing for Perfection-11/16/04 ProTalk09: Writing for Magazines-12/7/04 ProTalk10: Perfecting Picture Books-12/21/04 ProTalk11: Rhyming Stories that Work- 1/11/05 ProTalk12: Impromptu ProTalk on Ideas - 2/1/05 ProTalk13: Writing for Young Adults -2/15/05 ProTalk14: Writing Series Books - 3/15/05 ProTalk15: Writing Non-Fiction - 4/5/05 ProTalk16: Writing for Religious & Inspirational Markets - 4/19/05 ProTalk17: Writing Plays & Skits - 5/3/05 ProTalk18: Critique Groups - 5/16/05 ProTalk19:Cover/Query Letters - 6/7/05 ProTalk20: About Agents - 6/21/05 ProTalk21: Getting the Most out of SCBWI - 7/5/05 ProTalk22: Entering Contests - 7/19/05 ProTalk23: Submissions - 8/16/05

Workshop Transcripts
Because of the great number of transcripts now on this website, the list has been alphabetized. The last workshop/s posted will be marked with a "New" sign for your convenience.