For Artists & Writers
These are the pages to visit to find out more about the business of writing and illustrating for children.

For an overwhelming amount of information for both writers and illustrators, be sure to check out the Message Board on this site.

Getting Started and Writer's Tips pages are full of information to help writers and illustrators wanting to learn some of the basics of this business. How do you find out where to send your work? What do you do next? What about illustrations? Do you need to copyright your work? How can you keep someone from stealing your work? Do you need an agent? The answers to these questions and much, much more can be found on this page.

Beyond the Basics is information for published authors and illustrators. Need help finding information on how to negotiate a contract? Just sold your first book and have no clue what to do next? What about promoting your book? How do you give a good school visit? Check out this page for some detailed, helpful information.

Helpful Resources for published people is another page filled with good information.

Verla Kay spent a lot of time putting together a
Character Chart. Many people have since requested a copy of it. Here is where you will find a copy of it. Feel free to copy and adapt for your own books - but please don’t publish it or distribute it without giving Verla credit for it.

Transcripts pages are loaded with helpful information about all aspects of the business of writing and illustrating for children. Each transcript is from an actual workshop or ProTalk session that took place in the (no longer functioning) Kidlit chat room.