Visit Some Great Links:
Especially for Educators

Join an E-Mail list for Children's Writers

A website especially for Illustrators

Peter Davis has a page with links for E-Mail lists for Illustrators. These lists are not strictly for people creating children’s books, though there is a strong contingent of those.

Great Sites for Writers:
American Library Association Website * Find out what's happening here

Children's Writing Resource Center * Write4Kids...A fantastic website for children's writers

eBook Crosswords A site full of information about books and writing

The Eclectic Writer Another place full of wonderful information for writers

The Institute of Children's Literature: Home of the best (according to Verla Kay and many other satisfied students) correspondence course for aspiring children's writers. "They teach you not only how to write, but how to market what you write. It's well worth the money."(Quote from Verla Kay.)

International Reading Association: A great place to find out about awards and grants for teachers and writers of children's books as well as information on literacy events that are happening around the world.

Publisher's Weekly/Bookwire A wealth of information on books

The Purple Crayon An editor's website with great resources for writers

The Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators aka SCBWI: A wonderful worldwide organization for writers & illustrators of children's literature

Writer's Digest: A fantastic resource of marvelous information for writers of all genres
Helpful Research Sites:
Some great history sites:

The History Net A site for historical research

A place to
Check out the Gold Rush!  

Visit the
Sacramento Railroad Museum  

Help your child
learn History the fun way

Here's a Civil War site that tells a bit about the
history of cotton in the Civil War. It was found by a community college student. Many thanks to that student and his tutor who forwarded the information to me.
Here are some great Civil War Sites shared by Marty:

Civil War Communities - Two communities during the Civil War

Stratford Hall Plantation - The birthplace of Robert E. Lee

Freedmen - Links pertaining to Freed Slaves

The History Place - A Civil War history site

More Civil War History - A place to find tons of information on individual battles of the war

Literature - A sampler of Civil War literature from the pages of Harper's Weekly
A Civil War Site shared by the kids at the Community Center in Ashville, NC:
Confederate Texas - About Confederate Texas and the Reconstruction (Thanks, kids!)
Places to Find Books:
AddAll - a fantastic Book Search & Comparison website. Click on "Used Books" to locate out of print/rare books in numerous search engines, including ABE Books (linked below.)

Amazon Books - a place to find and order books --and so much more!

ABE Books is the place to find an out-of-print book. The results are worth it!

Another good site for Books and Book Collecting