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Gold Fever

Geography: Reading a map, following directions.
Fine Arts: Using different media.
Language Arts: Developing characters, reading and writing labels.
History: Creation of boom and ghost towns, peoples of the Gold Rush.

Iron Horses

Geography: Use a map.
Fine Arts: Use various media, relationship between art and text in Picture Books.
Science/ Geography:  Climatic regions.
Math: Using fractions and decimals, adding columns.
Science: How a steam engine works.
History:  The impact of the transcontinental railroad, various peoples who built the railroad.

Covered Wagons Bumpy Trails

Science: Weather, taking data, using a thermometer. 
Language Arts: Keeping a journal, using research to write a story, developing a character.
Math: Figuring volume, adding, estimating weight and volume.
History: Westward immigration, pioneers, the emigrant trails.
Downloadable templates for making a covered wagon in your classroom:
Page One Page Two

Tattered Sails

Language Arts:  Reading and following directions. 
Science: Foods of North America, parts of a plant, plant growth.
Math: Calculating  and manipulating fractions.
History: Games and recipes of early colonists.

Broken Feather

History: Read primary source material, U.S./Indian relations, westward migrations, reservations and Indian schools.
Language Arts: Listen to and retell a story, conduct an interview, report on what you learned, read for information, relate reading to personal experience.

Homespun Sarah

History: Colonial life.
Fine Arts: Weaving, pattern, and texture.
Math: Graphing, displaying data, measuring, mean, median, estimation, predicting patterns.
Science: Use a hand lens, making observations.

Orphan Train

Social Studies/History: Industrial Revolution, urban growth, comparing community services today to those in the past.
Language Arts/Fine Arts: Acting out what you read, deducing emotions from reading, creating characters, writing a script, following simple directions.
Math: Calculating 

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